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Thanks to their moisturizing and repairing properties, lip balms have become a beauty must-have. Our lip balm gives your lips an instant boost of nourishment and brightens them up effortlessly. Treat yourself to a high-quality lip-care product for soft, hydrated lips. Les Filles en Rouje are experts: get to know our tinted moisturizing lip balm and experience truly personalized color intensity.

Lip Balms: Protect, Nourish, and Brighten Up Your Lips

No makeup bag is truly complete without the precious lip balm! Put time and care into choosing the one that will become your lips’ best ally for instant hydration anytime you like. 


Our repairing lip balm provides all-day care for your dry or chapped lips. Its clever lipstick shape combines care with color, making it the ideal option to moisturize, nourish, and protect your lips, all while elevating their hue. 


Chock-full of natural ingredients (99%), its formula delivers a personalized experience ranging from a light tint on the first application to an intense color as you layer it on. And to further celebrate your innate beauty, the creamy texture and generous concentration of natural oils come together to create a gorgeous satin finish. 

Lip Balms With Iconic Tints

Les Filles en Rouje lip balms come in three different shades:  


  • B.B., a Brigitte Bardot-inspired rosy brown for a natural, nude effect that elevates your lips with elegance and simplicity. 
  • Chouchou Rouge, for a bold effect and full-bodied color. 
  • Chéri, a plum hue for a bitten-lips effect. 

A Lip Balm, and So Much More…

Your lip balm nourishes and soothes your lips, giving you the confidence to feel like your best self throughout the day! 


Once you’ve moisturized your lips thoroughly, complete your beauty routine by applying a matte lipstick or lip Stylo (lip pen) for a soft, delicate feel. And for an even wider choice, don’t miss out on our beautiful lip palette.

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