21 march - 20 april

Always on the move!

Hold on a minute, not so fast! Rest assured, in 2022, things will be moving. Love, personal projects and self growth, your life is about go even faster. Our prediction for a year of travels and adventure: versatile looks, resistant boots like Lara, a large bag like Cathou and the Jerri coat.

Get the look Jeans Gambetta Boots Lara
Bodysuit Félicie Bag Cathou
Sweater Tia Coat Jerri
Coat Jerri
Sweater Tia
Bodysuit Felicie
Jeans Gambetta
Bag Cathou
Boots Lara


21 april — 20 may

A cozy year

Dear Taurus, 2022 will bring two eclipses in your sign so it will be pretty special. This year, you'll flourish, make connections and will finally meet your destiny (no less!). Meanwhile, stay warm at home and add some softness to your life: a pair of comfy Jeans and a second skin top like Eugène.

Get the look Jeans Marais Ballerinas Coline
Panties Carmen Cardigan Leopold
Top Eugene
Top Eugene
Cardigan Leopold
Panties Carmen
Ballerine Coline
Jeans Marais


21 may — 21 june

365 days of creativity

Creativity is sure to be everywhere in your life down to the clothes you wear. You'll be all dressed up with somewhere to go. Of course, WFH days don't count, you'll be spending them in your fave sweatpants like 87% of French women*.
*Source : Rouje fashion institute, 2021 survey. Stay edgy with the Sana printed dress and the roaring Loana boots.

Get the look Bra Félicia Panties Mia
Boots Loana Dress Sana
Bag Baguette Palette Signature
Dress Sana
Boots Loana
Panties Mia
Bra Félicia
Palette Signature


22 june — 22 july

Your sensitivity =
your best asset

Dear Cancer, you're ready for whatever 2022 will bring you, thanks to your emotional depth. Don't be afraid to stand up to those who say your "oversensitive" (really?). Once you're done socially purging, you can do the same with your wardrobe to only keep the pieces that make you feel good: the Gilbert sheepskin jacket, the Esther cardigan... and... we let you decide.

Get the look Jeans Concorde Boots Celeste
Cardigan Esther Bodysuit Joseph
Coat Gilbert Bag Bibi
Coat Gilbert
Cardigan Esther
Bodysuit Joseph
Jeans Concorde
Boots Celeste
Bag Bibi


23 july — 22 august

A flamboyant year or nothing

Career achievements, life-changing experiences, exciting encounters: in 2022, dear Leo, sky is the limit. To go through this crazy year (and especially its 365 nights), we suggest you bet everything on spotlight-ready looks: Anastasia the disco lurex dress, sophisticated makeup, a mini bag like Ficelle and the touche finale: your aura.

Get the look Dress Anastasia Sandals Yolande
Panties Mia Earrings Audrey
Le Mascara Bag Ficelle
Le Rouje Camille
Dress Anastasia
Panties Mia
Sandals Yolande
Le Rouje Camille
Earrings Audrey


23 august — 22 september

Success in sight

You usually take things slowly... What if, this year, you were to dare a little more? Everything is possible, especially work-wise. Oui, we're talking about this raise you'll finally be able to negotiate. Go! Reveal your inner girl boss with the Jeje pants, the Céleste boots and a boyfriend jacket.

Get the look Pants Jeje Boots Celeste
Top Abby Bag Bibi
Jacket Albert
Jacket Albert
Top Abby
Pants Jeje
Boots Celeste
Bag Bibi


23 september — 22 october

1001 invitations

The years go by but your impeccable taste remains. And you continue to do what you know best: take the spotlight at social events. In 2022, the unexpected will grab you by the collar (of your Sonia leather jacket), and the Céleste boots will make you walk towards surprising horizons (but you always dress for the unexpected).

Get the look Palette Signature Jacket Sonia
Bustier Paco Bag Le J
Dress Gabinette Boots Celeste
Dress Gabinette
Jacket Sonia
Bustier Paco
Palette Signature
Boots Celeste
Bag Le J


23 october — 22 november

Ready to hit the town

We have a feeling you've already packed your year with good intentions and adventures. You have a talent for listing your resolutions (less time spent on the 'gram and more at the gym?) but will you be able to keep them? That's another story. Hold tight, we believe in you. You'll need the right pieces to be adventure-ready like the Salomé sheepskin and your faithful Montmartre Jeans.

Get the look Jeans Montmartre Boots Celeste
Bodysuit Félicie Sweater Will
Coat Salomé
Coat Salomé
Sweater Will
Bodysuit Félicie
Boots Celeste


23 november — 21 december

Dreams and colors

Only good vibes on the horizon. Your boldness and positivity will allow yourself to be entirely who you are for 365 days of absolute freedom. Born on the first decan, you might have a moment of glory on the stage of a karaoke during a crazy summer night. Bien sûr, no monochromic looks or neutrals. You like statement and colorful prints like the one adorning the Bruna jacket.

Get the look Jeans Marais Boots Lara
Bra Felicia Panties Mia
Cardigan Odile Basket Howard
Jacket Bruna
Jeans Marais
Jacket Bruna
Cardigan Odile
Bra Felicia
Panties Mia
Basket Howard
Le Rouje Nathalie
Boots Lara


22 december — 20 january

Ready, set, meditate!

The stars predict absolute plenitude - everything you strive for. You'll want to reflect this interior calm externally . P.S. your friends like to hear about your mystic experiences but they'd love to also talk about something else. For you? Minimalism with the Cassiopé cardigan (soft), the Betsy socks (cuddly) or the winning Jeans + bodysuit duo.

Get the look Jeans Marais Socks Betsy
Top Aneth Bodysuit Félicie
Scrunchie Loulou Cardigan Cassiopée
Top Aneth
Cardigan Cassiopée
Bodysuit Félicie
Jeans Marais
Socks Betsy
Scrunchie Loulou


21 january — 19 february

The fast life

2022 is not the year you'll get back into line. As free-spirited as ever, you'll (also) charm with your ideas. This year will be as impredictible as you: you might finally get your Tik Tok breakthrough, become an activist or leave everything behind to move to Italy. For you? One-of-a-kind pieces that match your unique personality, like the Luciana dress and its print, the Laurence lace mules and the Ficelle bag in velvet.

Get the look Dress Luciana Mules Laurence
Bra Felicia Panties Mia
Jacket Bastien Bag Ficelle
Dress Luciana
Jacket Bastien
Bra Felicia
Panties Mia
Mules Laurence


20 february — 20 march

This year, you'll live a waking dream!

You have a tendency to live in your own mind but that's why the rest of the 11 signs like you. Promise, this year you'll quit missing your subway stop because this podcast was just too good. For you? Dreamy and retro looks like the super soft Samuel coat or the Justin cardigan in pastel angora.

Get the look Jeans Marais Babies Babies
Bodysuit Félicie Cardigan Justin
Le Rouje Alix Bag Ficelle
Coat Samuel
Coat Samuel
Cardigan Justin
Bodysuit Félicie
Jeans Marais
Le Rouje Alix
Babies Babies
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