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Jeanne Damas gives a new voice to her beauty brand with Les Filles en Rouje. A new wave of beauty that gives life to a temperament rather than a definition, to interpretations rather than affirmations, to a state of mind rather than a look. An ever-inspiring vision to embody beauty that is not only about appearances.

« I like makeup that reveals
more than it hides. »
Jeanne Damas

Beauty is
an indefinable charm

Beauty is
an indefinable charm

Beauty can be infinitely redefined and interpreted. For Les Filles en Rouje, it's a synonym of charm. Unique and subjective, it can be an instant, an emotion, a state of mind. Beauty affirms differences and underlines singularity, like indefinable charm.

An instinct-led

Makeup is designed to be experimented limitlessly, by touching its pigments, mixing them with the fingertips, applying them on the face, getting it wrong... and removing them to better start over. Intuitive products like Les Filles en Rouje's reconnect people to their touch. It allows a more precise, sensorial and prompt application, that highlights their particularities without rather than hides them.


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