Beauty as seen byJeanne Damas

Makeup tips and inspirations by Creative Director Jeanne Damas

At Rouje, we believe in a liberated and intuitive take on beauty, made to reveal rather than hide. Carefree and effortless makeup to highlight the distinctive features of each and every woman. Discover in video what inspires us and our tips to make your own the products imagined by Jeanne Damas et the Studio.

Perfectly Imperfect

Jeanne Damas, Rouje’s Creative Director, loves to apply makeup with the finger. From lipstick to mascara, this technique will give you a “bitten lip” effect and a blurry finish. Light years away from the usual precision and so much the better!

At Rouje, there isn’t one way to see beauty, or one vision of good taste. No faux pas possible!

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Just one look

Jeanne Damas, Rouje’s Creative Director, reveals two ways of using our Regard line. A stroke of eyeliner & a few layers of mascara to intensify the lashes while protecting them… Or a statement Bambi eye, like the starlets from the 60’s. It’s up to you thanks to the buildable intensity of le Mascara and l’Eyeliner Rouje.

One thing that doesn’t change? Applying our eyelash curler, our morning ritual to naturally widen the eyes. Then, you can do as you please.

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Do you speak Palette ?

With the fingertips, we playfully melt the shades to color the lips, the cheeks and the eyes. The Palettes are a Rouje beauty essential: a convenient format, a vintage case, two different textures…

Powder: matte and light, and cream: soft and bright. But above all, endless possibilities for bespoke results. Jeanne Damas, Rouje’s Creative Director, presents our most iconic beauty product.

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